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Data Recovery:

Are you getting a ‘No operating system found’ error or hearing odd clicks or other noises from your hard disk? These are signs of a faulty hard drive. Hard disk drive is one of the few moving parts inside your laptop. In this reason, it is the component that most likely to fail. All of your documents, photos, music and movies will be stored on your hard drive.

So, if the hard drive completely fails, you’ll definitely lost your files. Let the experts recover your data if there is physical damage to your storage device. Whether phone, desktop or laptop data recovery, our team of experts and skilled technicians can solve your data recovery problem.

Our experts in data recovery routinely work on highly complex projects to retrieve data from your device. We provide data recovery and hard drive recovery services to individuals, schools, businesses, colleges, and universities. If you have a broken hard drive or you can no longer access your data, we are able to give you our data recovery at an affordable price.

Our data recovery expert technicians have been trained to successfully recover data from partially destroyed or even damaged hard drives. Have you broken your USB stick?

We have a full range of data recovery services for all types of hard drives and removable media.  Every single of data recovery case gets our special attention because we understand that it is the top most priority for most people.

Virus Removal:

You can get a virus or other malware infection on your laptop just by clicking the wrong button on a site you have visited. Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more common yet more serious.

Virus removal and Malware removal is a tricky business. Eye 4 phones has the ability, knowledge and skill to retrieve your important data and remove viruses that has infected your device be it on laptop or your desktop computer.

We can clean your phone or laptop and desktop of all these infections ensuring you are virus free and you can have your device within the day.

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Eye4Phones has extensive experience in the repairs and servicing of digital devices.  Our technicians are experienced with all Apple devices, as well as Samsung and Windows machines.

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